Victoria Cycling Fest: Something for everyone

by Raymond Parker on June 28, 2012

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How Do I Love Cycling? Let Me Count the Ways

From the Family Bike Festival, to Theatre SKAM, to the Bacchanalian party associated with Jump Ship, there was something to fit all tastes, bicyclist or not, at the second annual Victoria International Cycling Festival.

I just couldn’t catch it all.

Looking again through my photos from last weekend, I decided not to leave it at the albums in the last post.

Accordingly, here’s another 12-image roundup documenting the final days of Victoria’s 2012 cycling extravaganza.

Meanwhile, over in the Big Smoke, Vancouver, Velo-City Global 2012, advertised as  “the world’s premier international cycling planning conference,” is in full swing. You can follow workshop goings-on via @VeloCity2012  and the hashtag #VeloCity2012, on Twitter.

Keep those wheels turning, velofolks. Oh, and one final thing: For those who are Pinterested, I’ve added a “Pin it” button to the social media mix. See below.

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