Attending bikeschool, the online university for bikefools

by Raymond Parker on October 22, 2012

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“And … that’s why the wheel is round.”

Besides fomenting revolution, my favourite uses for Twitter include banter and buffoonery. Topping my list on the lighter side of the Twitter social calendar is “BikeSchool,” with “lessons” collected under the hashtag #bikeschool.

BikeSchool was established in 2010 by tweeps @bikerly, @egggman and @lovingthebike. Courses, in question and answer format, are now taught by a revolving panel of “professors” via live chat on Twitter. Class convenes every Thursday, at 9pm EST, with a diverse curriculum covering everything from the inspirational to the practical.

Here’s a few gems from last Thursday’s class. The presiding prof (who, in my opinion, deserves tenure) is @lisbon:

And so on ….

As you can see, classes sometimes get unruly, particularly when rambunctious randonneurs aren’t reined in, but #bikeschool really is worth enrolling in. Why not sign up. It’s free.

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