Reviving the Sensible Sunday Ride

by Raymond Parker on February 4, 2013

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Three Big Pigs (Lochside Trail)

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Had it not been for my tardiness, yesterday would have been the (re)inauguration of the Sensible Sunday Ride (SSR), moribund now for more than three years.

The Sunday before, rather than braving a rainstorm, the “organizing committee” sensibly opted for a meeting over lunch in a warm café. Next week for sure, we pledged.

As it was, when I called veterans of the languishing leisurely spin yesterday, my plea for an afternoon start was met with, shall we say, less enthusiasm than I’d hoped.

I told my friends to carry on, and, about 1pm, hoisted my trusty Marinoni Ciclo onto the car roof-rack for the drive out of town to the rural environs of the Lochside Trail, route of many SSR rides of yore.

The “no rush rule” has almost always applied to my winter rides. Cruising out around the “Martindale Loop” paralleling the trail, I pulled out my iPhone for snapshots of countryside formerly traversed too briskly to examine hedgerows in macro. Clutches of chirping sparrows cheered my passage. I imagined them francophone: “Bonne route, bonne route, bonne route!”

At Mattick’s Farm, I sensibly made sure to replace the calories I’d burned, and a few more for good measure, before retracing the suburban stretch of Lochside Drive, catching glimpses of the mist-shrouded ocean below, while dodging herds of cervidae suburbanus leaping from garden to garden in search of tasty shrubs.

The rain, drizzling on the descent of Martindale Road, fell steadily on the final kilometres. I left home with more confidence than good sense, and a light windbreaker as a top layer. Luckily, I’d lined that with two layers of merino wool. Though the windbreaker was soon soaked, the wool kept me cosy. Unfortunately, the fingerless gloves, grabbed in place of the winter gloves I could not find, were no match for the cold.

I’d also left my booties behind, yet my Specialized Comp shoes did a reasonable job of protecting my feet.

Surprisingly, unpaved sections on the Outer Hebrides of the Lochside Trail were firm and not too muddy.

Nonetheless, by the time I hoisted the bike back onto the car, it was clear that I’d be spending some time cleaning and lubing.

Maybe next Sunday, if I get up at a sensible (not ungodly) hour, we can finally get the SSR group rolling together again.

Photo notes: In the interest of simplicity and haste, I carried my iPhone 4S. All images were processed in-phone, with Photoshop Express ap (excuse over-enthusiastic filtering), then re-sized in Photoshop Elements for this gallery.

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Janis La Couvée February 4, 2013 at 9:51 am

We need to revive the Sensible Sunday Ride too! And, we never get going before noon 😉 Just sayin’…..


Raymond Parker February 4, 2013 at 10:13 am

That’s very sensible, Janis!


Amanda Jones February 6, 2013 at 11:17 am

Great pictures, I am glad you had a good ride.


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