My Nishiki Landau as courier bike

by Raymond Parker on November 3, 2015

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My Nishiki Landau, a friend for 36-years, has been collecting dust in a corner of the studio for a couple of years.

As described in my last belated post, I’ve mostly been riding my old Rocky Mountain Blizzard, sometimes to support photo shoots; recently, to distribute posters advertising a photo exhibition, which began yesterday (see details above) in Victoria’s James Bay. I asked old blue if she’d like to be dusted off and be my courier bike for a day.

Postering in James Bay

Postering in James Bay

A little air in the tires and and a pannier for the posters — one of the originals bought for a 1981 bike trip across British Columbia — and we were off across town. From James Bay to Chinatown, we went, stopping at poster poles (if that’s what they’re called), camera shops and notice boards to spread the word.

Camera shop promo

Camera shop promo

As per the poster, the official opening of the “Transitions” show is this coming Sunday, November 8, from 3-5pm. If you’re around, stop by the Heron Rock Bistro (#4-435 Simcoe St. Victoria, BC (entrance on Croft St.), for music and snacks … and a look at my photos.

The images are drawn from my vintage Vancouver archive, up to some recent photos made on forays around Victoria and along the west coast. If you can make it (on opening day or otherwise — the show runs into the new year) and if you carry a smartphone, make sure you have a QR code reader. Title cards include a code that will link you to stories behind some images.

China town posters

Chinatown posters

Speaking of smartphones, the one pictured below was smashed by a not-so-smart owner who in haste put it on the roof of the car while loading camera gear for a shoot. A sickening crunch accompanied the slamming of the trunk. The phone had slipped into the space between the hatch and car body. Amazingly, it still functioned, but the glass casing, front and back, made it almost impossible to use. Consequently, the photos accompanying this post were some of the last made with that device. I sprang for new iPhone 6s, with 12mp iSight camera.

More haste, less speed

More haste, less speed

If you wish to RSVP, you can do so via the Facebook event page. That way we can make sure there’s enough munchies to go ’round! 🙂

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