What have you done for your bicycle club lately?

by Raymond Parker on January 27, 2011

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Harold Bridge (L) checks Deirdre Arscott’s tandem, Rocky Mountain 1200

“More than 1500 volunteers overall will welcome you with all the friendly attention and understanding you will want for your physical and moral support.” ~Official Paris-Brest-Paris brochure, 2011

Have you ever been on a really good cycling club ride and enjoyed the route, the organization and the encouragement? All elements of a successful event were planned and performed by a volunteer.

Veteran randonneur and Paris-Brest-Paris ancien Harold Bridgereminded us lately that “taking your turn at the front” means more than just doing your fair share in the paceline. Without volunteers, a club soon withers.

Whether yours is a racing, randonneur, fund-raising, advocacy or sportif club, there’s always important work to be done. Marshalling, staffing controls, preparing food and cheering on participants are all vital to the success of events.

If you’ve enjoyed riding with your club, consider giving back in the form of hands-on help. On this Paris-Brest-Paris year, rando clubs are especially concerned that their qualifying brevets run smoothly.

Contact your route coordinator or organizing committee to offer your services. See how you can become part of something greater than the whole. You’ll gain recognition every bit as satisfying as setting a new course record, meet other riders in a new light and earn karma points with the cycling gods.

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