Getting my bearings

by Raymond Parker on February 6, 2012

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“What did I do with my cone wrench?

Though I feel like my hubs are seized lately, I’m actually making progress on several fronts of interest to cyclists.

Without giving away all my VeloSecrets, I’ve spent the weekend rolling from one project to another—book editing, bicycle restoration, still photography, video production—all in one way or another related to future VeloWeb content.

I’m sure everything would go a lot faster if I were a grammar guru, in the case of text editing, or, when it comes to my purported area of expertise, not so engaged with close-up photography and its attendant focus/depth-of-field demands. But I like the rewards of attention to detail.

Take five.

My studio resembles a cross between Joe’s Garage and the set of Blow-Up, without the guitars and mini-skirts.

I must be careful where I step, lest I embed a ¼” ball-bearing in my sole.

Look for the results of these machinations soon at VeloGarage.

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