Top 10 VeloWebLog posts 2012

by Raymond Parker on January 7, 2013

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twenty-twelveBefore we roll into 2013 (week two), let’s shoulder check last year’s best VeloWebLog posts, based on your comments, links, social media shares, and Web traffic statistics.

Here they are, roughly in order of influence.

Unlit Cyclists, illustrated and castigated — Riding at night? Don’t forget to light up. This incendiary post, with photographic evidence, received a record number of comments.

Victoria Tweed Ride, 2012 — This report and photo gallery records my first visit to Victoria’s not-so-secret retro-fashion statement on wheels.

Cycling catastrophe: thinking the unthinkable, bearing the unbearable —  Proving the dictum “If it bleeds, it leads,” my first-hand account of a tangle with a pickup truck struck a nerve with many readers.

Wondrous Wolverhampton bicycle history recalls the Golden Age of Cycling — My hometown was once a major cycle manufacturing centre. A wonderful archived film from the era shows the bike building process.

Cycling infrastructure: what’s the holdup? — The glacial pace of investment in bicycling infrastructure receives the VeloWeb treatment.

Motorists endangering Victoria cyclists risk apprehension — At least the cops in Victoria keep an eye on motoring road hogs.

Urban cyclists of Victoria, B.C. — A photo gallery dedicated to illustrating why Victoria, B.C. is dubbed “The Cycling Capital of Canada.”

Function or fashion, what’s your cycling passion? — Another post in the urban cyclists series also examines internecine bicyclist warfare.

Randonneuring: not really racing — A bit of fun at the expense of rando nerds.

What’s your dream bike? — Do you dream of the ultimate “super bike,” a stable of thoroughbreds, or are you content with your trusty Heinz-57 clunker?

When it comes to VeloWeb pages, the Bike Fit tutorial (see main menu above) continues to attract the most traffic, with 16,500 page-views last year. The late, great Rivendell Blériot holds on firmly in the “most popular bike” category, receiving a huge spike in traffic in November, via a link from CNN.

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