How to install integrated brake/gear shift levers

by Raymond Parker on November 30, 2011

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Campagnolo 10-speed Ergopower™

Prepare your bike by adjusting handlebar position.

  1. Peel back rubber hoods on “brifter” units
  2. Loosen clamp and  slide unit onto handlebar and position (rear derailleur control on right)
  3. Tighten shifters in place with 5mm allen tool
  4. Check position. End of brake lever should be at lower curve of drop. Both level?
Img description

Gear cable end in shifter mech


  1. Insert gear cables into mechanism and draw through
  2. Seat the ends
  3. Thread cables through (4.5mm) housing (measure housing carefully and cut to length—measure twice, cut once)


  1.  Lead gear cables/housing back to cable-stops on head or downtube
  2. Thread cables through stop/threaded adjuster
  3. Follow downtube to bottom bracket
  4. Pull cables under BB and thread through cable guide

Rear (right):

  1.  Draw cable along chainstay to cable stop (through pre-cut housing)
  2. Insert housing into rear deraillleur, push cable through, pull taught, and secure to derailleur.

Front (left):

  1.  Draw up under BB and behind seat tube
  2. Pull across to derailleur, on right side of seat tube, snug, and secure to derailleur
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Cable arrangement


Depending on personal inclination, and the country you ride in, you might run the front brake from the left or right lever. In countries where traffic stays to the right, you’ll generally want to control the front brake from the left. See illustration at right for cable arrangement.

  1. Thread cables through barrel pivot in lever (make sure head seats into wider side)
  2. Push through rear exit holes
  3. Thread through pre-cut (5mm) housing, adding ferrules as needed


  1.  Lead back along top tube, which will usually have brazed stops fore and aft.
  2. Insert cables into slits in stops and position housings either end
  3. Insert far end of rearward housing into brake caliper
  4. Thread cable through clamp. Snug lightly, if at all.
Img description

Cable to rear brake


  1. Make arc over stem to front brake caliper. Thread as for rear and attach

Tape bars. Avoid running tape over body of shifter.

Roll down rubber hoods. Make sure section under body does not interfere with shifting mechanism on Campagnolo Ergopower shifters. Trim the cables (leave a little extra for future adjustment). Add crimps to cable ends with pliers. Ride on.

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