Make a flashy mud flap

by Raymond Parker on April 26, 2011

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How to make a “safety” mud flap for your bicycle

For this project you will need:


  • Set square
  • Exacto knife
  • Drill
  • Screw driver
  • small wrench or rivet gun


  • Vinyl Carper runner (or other suitable material)
  • Reflective tape
  • Rivets or stainless nuts & bolts
  • stainless washers
  • Stay dry and be seen

    If you have been unlucky enough to ride in the rain, behind a fellow cyclist sans mud flap, you will understand the utility of such an appurtenance. What few riders appreciate, is that such a lowly accessory can also double as a safety device. Here’s how:

    Procure a piece of plastic or rubber material of a suitable thickness. Some people use plastic soft-drink bottles, which are too stiff.

    Img description

    Trim edge from runner”

    Here, I trim the “un-studded” margin from a piece of vinyl carpet runner—the type with non-slip knobs on the reverse. This is the perfect material for the job, as it is flexible and will not crumple and split like harder plastics. Keep in mind that the rooster tail of road muck sprayed from your rear tyre begins only inches above the road surface. A typical mud flap will be about a foot long. In addition, make sure to leave a few inches to attach under the mudguard (fender).

    The next item required is reflective material. I use 900 candle-power Alpena “Ultra-Tape.” Both products are available at hardware stores.

    Img description

    Shape flap and apply reflective tape”

    Now you can have creative fun testing the exactness of your Exacto skills; or you can simply choose one colour to apply to the vinyl flap (the Alpena product comes in orange, yellow, red, blue and white). Whatever you decide, keep in mind that once you have peeled the backing from the tape and set it in place, it’s there to stay. So, make sure you have lined the tape up straight before you lay it down.

    Img description

    Shine on!”

    The other handy thing about the vinyl carpet runner is the fact that the smooth edge is almost the same width as the Ultra Tape, once the bevel is trimmed off. The resulting mud flap will be perfect for most road mudguards in the 35 to 45 mm range.

    All you need to do now is attach your flashy flap to the end of your mudguard. This can be accomplished either with rivets, or stainless steel nuts and bolts. Be sure to use washers either side of mudguard and flap.

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