VeloWeb documents my primary cycling interests, with sections on marathon cycling (randonneuring), touring, commuting and bicycle maintenance.

Over the years, I’ve veered between my preoccupation with words and pictures, sometimes combining them as photojournalist. Occasionally, one reverts to hobby status, then gets out of hand and becomes an occupation.

Following this road, I have worked in the outdoor industry (guiding, retailing climbing, ski, and cycle gear), photography (commercial, advertising, and documentary), and as a writer of political opinion, non-fiction travel, and adventure stories. Examples of both genres of writing can be found on VeloWebLog.

VeloWebLog is a place for ideas and stories related to, but also spilling outside, the regular purview of cycling culture. I’ll share content reflecting my wider interests, including writing, environment, politics, photography and outdoor adventure in general. In fact, every intrigue that attracts my restless mind is up for examination and discussion on the blog. Hope you’ll come along for the ride, and add your thoughts along the way.

Raymond Parker