Toronto’s anti-cycling mayor Rob Ford gets the boot

by Raymond Parker on November 26, 2012

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Bozo on bike lanes

There’s good news for cyclists everywhere this fine Monday morning: anti-cycling zealot and all-round corpulent blowhard Mayor Rob Ford has been shown the exit to Toronto City Hall.

His transgression, besides the hideous mien, involved conflict of interest—he voted on a matter which directly affected him financially—but many citizens of Hogtown are relieved today to be rid of the city’s embarrassing municipal mascot.

As one might imagine, social media is on the case. A Facebook friend from Toronto just posted “We are dancing in the streets.” The tag “#RobFord” is trending nationally on Twitter, and there is much merriment at the ex-mayor’s expense.

This report from Canada’s ranting comic Rick Mercer:

And my favourite:

Since taking office, the football coach turned politician has forged ahead with an agenda that included removing bike lanes and cutting back funding for public transportation … no big surprise considering the public anti-cycling position illustrated in the video above and his belief in the phony “war on cars.”

Two years ago, Ford was joined at his swearing-in ceremony by fellow troglodyte Don Cherry, who bloviated about “pinkos … that ride bicycles.” The judge included a 14-day grace period in his ruling—enough time for Ford to clean out his desk … or mount a challenge—but maybe this is the beginning of the end of the war on bicycles in Toronto.

So things are looking up in Canada. Now, if we can just get a court ruling on the so-called robocall scandal, we might get rid of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his reactionary war on democracy and the planet.

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