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by Raymond Parker on February 28, 2013

in Cycling, Photography

victoria-bike-rackIndeed, it seems there are more bikes around Victoria, British Columbia, every day. Even in the dead of what goes for winter here—and it can be miserably wet—the bike racks are rarely empty.

So it is no great accomplishment, as I ride or walk around the city, to pull my iPhone from my pocket and snap a few pictures of interesting velos.

From restored or fixiefied  Nishikis (boy, do we have Nishikis!), to ailing, elderly Colnagos (after all, this is arguably the retirement capital of Canada), to European cargo bikes, this town has it all.

Again, each one offers hints at its owner’s style and practical concerns, not to mention glimpses of Victoria’s streets, people and architecture. The weather also has its say.

This post features a slightly expanded gallery over the first edition. I hope you enjoy another look Victoria’s panoply of bicycles.


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Baby Blue Nishiki

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