The scattered tools of the trade

by Raymond Parker on March 8, 2012

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Howdy! This will be just a quick note to update you on my labours.

Work is mostly behind the scenes at the moment, though I’m hoping, once I’ve separated the cone wrenches from the compact disks and the bottom bracket cups from the lens filters, I’ll be able to share the fruits.

At the moment, I have a spanner or two in the works of the website … or at least a mirror of the site, because if I do break anything (again!) it will only be in the sandbox. When this tinkering is finished, you won’t necessarily notice a visual change, but you might notice improved performance. Vroom! Vroom!

Meanwhile, I’m making sure the additions will integrate with aforementioned tune-up, I’m editing several new videos (for the Garage), all in between restoring a bike or two. Oh, and editing several books. Look for all this to show up here later in the spring … all being well. 🙂

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